Here you will find fully illustrated watercolor tutorials. Each tutorial comes with a complete set of "Step-by-Step" instructions that even the most beginner watercolorist could follow. Enjoy "Hidden in the Undergrowth", a free tutorial. All others can be purchased. You will receive an immediate link and a copy of the link will be sent to you via email.

I'd love to hear from you - send your paintings as you've completed the tutorials. Time permitting, I will respond back to you.

Good luck and Enjoy !!

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Hiding in the Undergrowth

Click painting to view tutorial


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Orange You Glad It's Teatime


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How to Paint Trees
Oak trees, Elm trees, Birch trees, Palm trees, Evergreen trees Learn to paint them all


Image 11-4

Color -
An Effective Design Element
An e-book about color - the triadic and munsell color wheels, pigments and how they work together, color schemes, light and shadows, and reflected color


Image 11-5

Composition -
An Effective Design Element

An e-book about the rules of composition - Rule of thirds, Rule of Odds, Rule of Movement, Symmetry, Balance, and Focal Point


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Painting from a Photo


Image 11-7
Fruit for All


Image 11-8
Sunshine 'n Snow


Image 11-9
Dare to be Bold


Image 11-10
Winter Wonderland


Image 11-11
Flight Plan


Image 1-12
Reflections of Fall